Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where do I get a simple answer?

Today I tried to call Bank of America to 100% confirm the drop dead amount that they are requiring before their January 26th deadline.  The reason that I tried to call to get this information is because that amount has been changing over very short periods of time without warning, notice or an explanation.  But once again they made the task of getting a simple answer to a simple question impossible.

I called the Bank of America phone number that is listed on my latest notice from them.  I provided my loan number to the automated phone system and it again directed me to my alleged "account manager".  That alleged person has not returned any of my messages from several weeks ago so I wasn't expecting much when I realized where they were sending my call again.

I think that I may need to draw a diagram or a flow chart or something to describe what happened next.  Maybe this will suffice:

  1. Once again I got a voice mail but at least this time the greeting appeared to be from an actual person.  She said that if she didn't get back to me within a business day or if it was an emergency, I should call her supervisor and she listed yet another number.  
  2. Since I was mailing a payment today and wanted to confirm the exact right amount, I called the alleged supervisor's number.  That call sent me to yet another voice mail for another woman that was not available. Her message said that if she didn't get back to me in 2 business days or if the call was an emergency, that I should call her supervisor at what was now a third phone number.  
  3. So I called that number and was prompted to provide an extension number.  But the previous woman's voice mail didn't give me an extension number, it only gave me a name.  So I hit the option for a directory but then the phone system asked me to enter a pin number.  Obviously I didn't have that either, so I hung up without getting to speak to a single person.
  4. I then called the number for the woman in item 2 and left a message. If she is anything like the people that she supervises, I will never hear from her.  I'm not even sure why I left a message since the only thing that I wanted to ask was "WHAT IS THE EXACT AMOUNT THAT I MUST PAY TODAY!!??!!"
  5. Since Bank of America has made it virtually impossible for me to actually speak to someone (ANYONE!) on the phone, I looked at the latest notice and sent the amount past due that was listed on it.  
So today I just sent Bank of America $1,046.20 which according to their last notice is the full amount needed before January 26th.  Will it be enough? I don't know, and Bank of America apparently doesn't want to tell me.

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