Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Bank of America!

I can already hear you asking, "Why start this blog on Christmas Day?"  Well, I'm just following the lead of my nemesis, Bank of America. You see they so thoughtfully sent me a Notice to Accelerate Foreclosure that arrived on Christmas Eve.

Included with the notice is a January 26th deadline which I fully intend on honoring. I've been working like hell to get work so that I wouldn't get into this position in the first place. But now I'm going to redouble my efforts no matter what it takes or how badly I have to swallow my pride. 

In the event that I am not fully successful, the Bank of America's Christmas card was sure to fully explain how hopeless they will make my situation.  Not only will they file a foreclosure action but they will apparently start charging all manner of fees.  They would have me pay their premature legal fees, I would pay them a fee to invade my privacy with all manner of inspections. Fees, fees, fees and more fees until it is literally impossible to recover. It is almost as if they are intent on issuing their harsh judgement before I've even had one second in a real court.   

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