Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where do you get help and will it be helpful?

Since Bank of America has apparently decided to put me blindly through their modification maze, I tried to find someone that could offer actual help.  I called Congresswoman Gwen Moore's Milwaukee office and an aide was very encouraging and helpful.  He suggested that I contact one of the local nonprofits in the Milwaukee area that specifically help homeowners that are in my exact situation (and much worse).

Today I did call one of those organizations and the counselor was the total opposite of BOA's "we are here to help" line.  She very specifically laid out exactly what she needed, what she would do and the various options involved in a possible modification.  I've scheduled a meeting with her where we will go over all of the records and build the case for modification.

Although Bank of America set a deadline for January 6th for resubmitting my documents, the counselor confirmed that the date is mostly arbitrary.  I will be meeting with her a week later and the process will start shortly thereafter.

I called Bank of America's "we are here to help" line and advised them of these developments and asked them to document the fact that I will be submitting a modification proposal through this nonprofit.  Now I also document all contact that I have with BOA on my end.

If you are going through the modification maze I would suggest that you contact a few local nonprofits that specialize in this exact issue. At the very least it will help you cut directly through all of the BOA BS and give you a fair shot.

I will report back as the process continues.

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