Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Love Letters from an "Account Manager"

You now know that Bank of America sent me what seems to be a fictional offer to apply for a loan modification.  You also know about the "Christmas Card" that they sent me just in time for the holiday.  But now let me tell you about the love letter from an alleged "account manager". 

The letter is allegedly from an "account manager" and it talks about how she is here to help me and how she will be contacting me soon to help me through this entire process.  It was initially such a welcome note before reality actually hit.  

I have not heard from this caring "account manager" since I first received the first love letter.   In fact when I tried to make a payment by phone they kept rerouting me to this alleged "account manager".  I left multiple messages but have not received one reply yet. So one letter tells me that I must pay x before January 26th but then you make it more difficult to even make a payment? I sent the payment via U.S.P.S. with tracking. Will they receive it or will it be sent back because my "account manager"  was not available to open the envelope?

Is this a real person or isn't it? Do they have good intentions or are they simply covering their own ass?  Do they show this kind of thing to policy makers and/or judges along with their phony attempts at loan modification?  Is there any process to actually verify their claims of helpfulness? 

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  1. I feel your pain- the whole thing is a huge tangled mess that they don't want anyone to get out of. I really enjoy this blog, thanks for sharing your story in an interesting and sometimes even funny way! Keep fighting the good fight!